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Demarle, a high tech manufacturer

Demarle is an innovative company whose priority is to ensure its quality. Demarle has obtained many labels ensuring the conformity with the Quality Control System.

Research and development:

Its R&D department contributing to the constant improvement of existing process and products and working on new innovating concepts.


Flexipan® is a patented product which obtained various prizes: the Apria Prize of the Best Innovation obtained in February 1990 is one of them.
Demarle has just developed a brand new product: Flexipat® which is a flat Flexipan® mat with edges. This product was also awarded the Apria Prize of the Best Innovation in September 2003 at Equip’Hotel Exhibition.

Demarle, a competitive company

A jury made of members of the Ernst & Young agency, of heads of companies and of reporters of Magazine ” Entreprise” have awarded Demarle with the special prize „Le Grand Prix de l’Entrepreneur” in September 2002.
This prize was created eleven years ago by the magazine „L’Entreprise” and Ernst & Young agency.
Everybody is free to participate but needs to meet the following criterion: the first of them is to be among the Top 100 of the most competitive companies in France. Three years in Business, a turnover over 5 millions euros, with a minimum of 25% growth over 4 years, a profitability over 5% in the last financial year are some of the other criterion.

Demarle a worldwide presence

80% of our turnover is generated by exporting through a network of distributors established in more than 100 countries. Demarle owns as well one subsidiary in USA.

Demarle, partner of the Chefs

Demarle works closely with a team of Chefs who are contributing in the development of our products, sharing their technical advice and skills while giving demonstrations around the world.