Utilaje frigorifice

Who are we ?

Since July 1979, CFI has made a place for itself in the field of product refrigeration for bakers and pastry-makers, thanks mainly to a concern for quality which has always been of particular importance to CFI.

The company, located in Lavaveix-les-Mines and comprising some 40 employees, manufactures and markets equipment for retarding-proofing, conservation and blast freezing :

  • Water coolers and water meters & mixers
  • Retarder-proofer cabinets
  • Under oven proofer
  • Direct fermentation proofer box
  • Slow growth retarder-proofer
  • Refrigerated pastry handling worktable
  • Conservation cabinets
  • Positive and negative conservation chambers
  • Negative conservation units
  • Blast freezing & conservation units
  • Blast freezing, conservation & fast positive refrigeration units, with doors
  • Blast freezing and fast positive refrigeration cells
  • Blast freezing and fast positive refrigeration deck cells


Specialized in techniques and technology for :

  • Fermentation
  • Conservation
  • Positive refrigeration
  • Negative refrigeration
  • Blast freezing

Also with expertise in various techniques of heat recovery by direct expansion or various types of heat transfer fluid (Tyfoxite, Glycol..).

Our main strengths :

  • Quality of our materials : high pressure panel injection, waste control etc.
  • Respect for the environment
  • Product reliability
  • Tailor-made and „one-off” designs
  • Technical capability through complete control of the manufacturing process: our injected panels fully meet all our customer requirements
  • Responsiveness to customer demands

High added value :

  • Reliability of the fermentation, blast freezing, conservation and quality process
  • Ability to manufacture one-off designs