Forni Fiorini

Cuptoare de panificație


Design and construction ovens

Rotary kilns; rotor ovens, gas ovens, steam tube ovens; electric furnaces, ovens plans, modular ovens, wood ovens; convection ovens; pizza ovens; Accessories for furnaces, complete systems for bakeries, confectioneries and pizzerias.


You decide the pace of your work

Commercial proofers, pre-fermentation cells, and retarder proofer units for any kind of bread, pastry and pizza doughs.

Dough mixers

Solutions for each type of dough processing

Fixed bowl spiral mixers, removable bowl spiral mixers, automated spiral mixers with lifters, fork kneaders, planetary mixers.

Dividing forming

Efficient and versatile tools

Dividers, bun dividers-rounders, dough moulders, baguette shapers, sheeters.