Utilaje frigorifice

KOMA – Koeltechnische Onderneming Mathieu Aarts

KOMA is a family-run company with Dutch roots, and it has been involved in plant manufacturing ever since 1938. Our core expertise lies in the manufacturing of refrigerated conditioning units, and nowadays we customise the designing, planning and installation of them specifically to each customer’s needs. We have special expertise when it comes to the key parameters of Temperature, Air and Relative humidity (‘TLR’ is the German acronym that we use for this). The optimum interplay of these three factors provides a properly balanced refrigeration or fermentation environment in all your KOMA installations.

Expansion through innovation

KOMA’s innovative preservation and refrigeration systems ensure efficient, but above all economical, production processes. KOMA systems and installations are used in every continent around the world. We look to the future with great confidence in accordance with our motto „The world is our workspace”. Our first export deliveries were made in 1956. And there’s been no let-up in our international expansion ever since.

Branches and customer projects around the world

KOMA has opened branches all around the world. Firstly in Belgium and Germany and then in France and Japan, followed slightly later on by Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Dubai. KOMA is represented all over the world by excellent dealers who receive training and regular refresher courses at our head office in Roermond so they keep up to date with the rapidly changing world of refrigeration and preservation system technologies.