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Baking is about good ingredients and good craftsmanship. It is about tastes, aromas and the sense of being served something enjoyable. Doing good baking business is about something else. Because even if it is the aromas and tastes that sell, there are many factors that affect operations along the way. For example, daily work is simplified if the bread line, yeast, oven and the other accessories maintain the highest quality.

It is also an advantage to come to a work place every day where the equipment is customized to your own operations. That the machines have low operating and maintenance costs can also be seen as a profit factor, likewise the possibility of fast service 24/7.

We offer all this. We didn’t become the leading Nordic player just by delivering high-quality products. We got here because we offer a unique total concept and effective, innovative solutions for everyone from small bakeries to large industrial bakeries. Solutions that help baking result in business.
Better baking business.

Among inventors and innovators

In 1964, we invented the rotary rack oven. An innovation that, in principle, changed the way large quantities were baked. Today, rack ovens in different forms are found in almost every bakery. It has been copied by most of our competitors, but we can still proudly say that we are the creator of the rack oven. For more than 60 years, Sveba-Dahlen has led developments in bakery ovens, something we continue to do year after year.

Besides deck ovens and rack ovens, we now also manufacture electrical and gas-fired tunnel ovens, as well as provers, retarder provers, and freezer provers. In every area in bakery technology, development has been continuously driven by technology, energy, research into methods, and experience. Today, we are proud to state that we deliver some of the best bakery equipment in the world to our customers.

Sveba-Dahlen was founded in 1948, and today it is a world leader in development and manufacturing of equipment for the bakery industry. The head office is located in Fristad on the outskirts of Borås; however, the Sveba-Dahlen Group AB, of which we are a part, also includes Glimek in Glimåkra, and Wodschow in Brøndby, Denmark. Apart from the bakery equipment that we manufacture ourselves, we have agents who complement us in the best way. This is to enable us to be the total supplier we are, and to create the best conditions for us to be able to deliver turnkey solutions to our customers.

Over the years, we have built up a service-mindedness that permeates deliveries, installations, and commissioning, as well as daily operations. Thanks to our long experience, we have learned that many of our customers work evenings, nights or early mornings by preference. It is then that service can be most needed. For this reason, we are one of the few manufacturers and suppliers who offer service all day long, 24 hours a day.

By 1960, Sveba-Dahlen had already started its expansion outside Sweden’s borders. Since that time, we can be found in a large number of markets and countries around the world. However, our concept is the same worldwide – customized solutions with an image of high quality and reliability that create the optimal baking result.

It is our philosophy. It has worked since 1948.

A/S Wodschow

A/S Wodschow & Co. is part of Sveba-Dahlen – a private holding company offering the food and bakery service sector a wide range of quality equipment for the professional users.

The Varimixer BEAR is a world-wide famous brand. A/S Wodschow & Co develops, produces and markets a wide production program of professional mixers under the name of BEAR Varimixer. The company was founded in 1915 and through specialisation in the production of mixers, Wodschow has become one of the world’s leading companies within this field. BEAR Varimixers are sold in nearly all parts of the world. The name is well reputed within bakeries, catering, laboratories and equivalent industries where efficiency in production has top priority.

So, since 1915 Wodschow & Co. has concentrated on one thing, and one thing only – professional mixers. That’s a lot of experience. From the time the first BEAR mixer, the K16, saw the light of day with its 0.5 horsepower engine and 16 L bowl, the company has led the field when it comes to improving and developing the operating convenience and performance of mixers – welcome to join the team!

Glimek Baking System – Bakery equipment to suit the needs of every baker

Glimek is the brand that has developed and manufactured high quality bakery machines since 1948. The philosophy for more than 65 years has been to co-operate with the baker in order to deliver machines and complete lines according to his specification.The flexibility of the equipment both regarding weights and types of dough is the main ingridient in the success.Our product range consists of mixing systems, make-up lines and customized plants.