We have born with enthusiasm in the spirit of artisan, and slowly from year to year we grow up. Under the name of IZO d.o.o. we operate from year 1993. Production of machinery and equipment, in year 2013 we moved to our new plant in an business zone Barban. The products we offer are the result of our own creativity and experience, as market and our partners recognized. Today our products we sold directly or through representatives all around the world (Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, USA, Canada, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Grecce, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey,… ). We introduced the ISO 9001 certification which we are trying to maintain the quality of products constant.

Bakery and confectionery products

Our bakery and confectionery products are everyday on a table of a large number of families. Every day we offer a wide range of products: bread, rolls, and a large number of different pastries, cakes and desserts for every occasion.

Production of machinery and equipment

Our machines and equipment have become part of a large number of bakerys, pastry shops, industrial kitchens, and various institutions. We have many years of experience in production and sales. At the same time we also provide the service of making sheet metal structures.