Linii industriale pentru producerea pîinii

Our group produces exclusively equipment for Industrial Bakery, excluding any equipment or oven for small-size Bakeries:
500 automatic lines installed in 40 countries worldwide, 20,000 tons of products from our lines every day … these figures make us the world’s leading manufacturer of bakery equipment.

To maintain our leadership position, we work to:

  • constantly innovate in new product development processes : mainly dough handling and baking, and also other stages, from the proofing to the freezing process. Patents as well as the contents of our offer are proofs our dynamism in innovation that has always been at the heart of our identity.
  • create around our lines the services that will make them ever more „profitable” : training, preventive maintenance, online help,… At the heart of these daily goals, we place the rules of safety, food security, persons protection, materials preservation and environmental protection, working constantly on reducing consumption and waste.

Studying your projects, we will have the pleasure to present you the real means that we apply to serve our goals, in terms of staff skills, technical resources, internal organization, equipment …

MECATHERM develops, produces and installs ovens, equipments and automated production lines for industrial bakery products around the world.

Over the years, MECATHERM has continuously diversified its manufacturing process from its status as baguette specialist ; today the company produces machines with a dough capacity of up to 3 tons per hour : not only for baguettes, but also for the production of rolls, puff pastry, laminated dough, etc.

World leader in its field, MECATHERM accelerated its growth by increasing its export share, now representing more than 80 % of its business.

MECATHERM’s steady development is essentially based on a strong R&D department, continuously innovating in terms of technology and process in order to answer and even anticipate the needs of a worldwide market in constant evolution.