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After we came up with the first rack oven, things have been speeding up. We are closely knit into the baking community, and develop all new technologies with the baker’s needs in mind. Recent results can be found in products launches like the Rotosole System and the Vacuum Cooler, technological milestones which enhances any baking business’ total cost of ownership through reduction of energy, staff, waste and handling. We think climate-smart.

Today, we are proud to present a truly breadspirational line of high end baking equipment. The crown jewels of our collection are of course the ONE series ovens. The elegantly and ergonomically designed ONE39 and ONE26 are not only showstoppers in any bakery or shop, they are also world leaders in energy efficiency. To that the bakery required footprint is significantly reduced, the multi-baking opportunities are vast, and the quality of the end products is striking.

As for all our ovens, the ONE series are designed to last long with high performance. Apart from quality being the guiding principle from the drawing table to the production line, we are looking at the whole chain of events up to the oven is ready for use in the bakery or in the shop. To assist our customers in receiving the very best value for money, the Revent Service Centre offers and provide installation, maintenance and repair services globally to ensure ONE quality installation and service.

We further invite professional bakers to our test baking facilities to try out our ovens on their own products and challenging ideas. Meet our skilled bakers or have them visit you for training and tests. This sharing of knowhow is a practical take on our core values: reliability, value creation and innovativeness.


Less energy, less waste, fewer transports. Our green accomplishments are substantial.

Heat leakage

Try putting your hand on the outside of a Revent oven. The energy in a Revent oven is used for baking, not for heating the environment!

The Revent ovens are designed in Sweden, a country with long and cold winters. The construction industry has developed a superior insulation technology and Revent has adopted this technology, thus incorporating 2-3 overlapping sheets of insulation to eliminate any heat loss between seams and joints. This method does not only eliminate heat loss in the oven but also the need for air conditioning in the bakery.

The number of heat bridges are also minimized and drilled out.

Revent is constantly developing new and better techniques in order to reduce energy consumption of the ovens. Already today even better insulation material is available as an option. We also give advice on solutions regarding energy recycling for any project, small or large. Earlier this year Revent ovens passed tests performed by Fisher-Nickel in the US who awards companies the Energy Star. We dare say if you choose a Revent oven, you will reduce your energy costs by at least 10%.

Heat exchanger

One of the most essential factors to reduce energy consumption in a rack oven is an efficient heat exchanger. The heat exchanger in our ovens are designed to have a high efficiency. The materials are chosen to withstand the high heat of the burning flame and to relieve the energy to heat up the air circulating in the oven.

Tests to confirm the energy efficiency of our rack ovens have been performed by the test laboratories like Fisher-Nickel in the US.

The tests showed that the efficiency of the Revent heat exchanger is very high, among the highest on the market.

Our efforts

It is obvious all of us have to contribute to conserving the Earth’s precious resources in order to create a healthy environment. We design ovens that last longer, use less energy and produce bread with a higher volume for the amount of ingredients used. No other supplier comes close in terms of energy consumption.

An oven is an expensive investment you don’t just toss away. Our ovens have the longest life expectancy on the market. Around the world there are thousands of Revent ovens that have been going strong for over 25 years and are still used on a daily basis. When our ovens have served their purpose, all their parts can be recycled.

By building sustainable, energy-efficient products we also contribute to a sustainable society for future generations.


We love to piece groundbreaking things together

HVS High Volume Steam

Revent’s patented HVS steel ball steam system was designed upon the fact that the sphere has the greatest surface area to volume ratio of any geometrical form.

The large surface area guarantees maximum steam generation during the baking process. This allows the dough to increase to a large volume in the beginning of the bake and creates a shiny crust at the end of the bake.

The spherical surface of the ball is also perfectly designed to absorb heat, so the steam generator does also serve as a heat accumulator. This heat (energy) is used to shorten the recovery time in the beginning of the bake and between the bakes.

Test results speak for themselves. For example the Revent 724 transforms 8.5 l of water into steam in 20 seconds. Temperature recovery is within 3 – 5 minutes depending on the product and oven model.

TCC Total Convection Control – air distribution system

Since 1958 Revent has pioneered convection-heating in Rack ovens. Controlling and steering the air flow in a convection oven is essential for the outcome of the baking result. First of all even heat transfer, from top to bottom of the rack and from the outer edge to the center of the baking tray, is very important. Secondly low air velocity with a large air volume is essential for even baking without dehydration.

Revent’s unique world-leading air distribution system, TCC, directs air flow and volume to produce an even heat transfer throughout the rack. Air flows hit each tray at an upward angle to create enough bottom heat to add volume and rise to your bread. TCC produces more bread volume in every loaf, more even baking and less waste.


An important property is the interface i.e. the control panel, which has always been a technical challenge for the oven industry trying to come up with a reliable, functional and simple solution. Revent has now launched a new control panel so efficient you will not need any instructions prior to use. It only has 4 arrows; up, down, left right + 1 edit button to choose and one on/off button. It also has Ethernet, Internet, USB and external screen connections and as extra option an almost unlimited base for recipes and pictures of your products.

Wedge system

The Revent Wedge System is a unique assembly design that is not only very strong but also saves time and money.

The Revent Wedge System makes assembly quick and easy. Revent ovens are delivered in sections that are easily assembled at the bakery in a matter of a few hours, not the days needed for ovens that are screwed and bolted together. Additionally, the wedge system simplifies the disassembly process and reduces costs for relocation if the need arises.

Heat exchanger

Revent heat exchangers are designed to have a very high efficiency.

When designing heat exchangers many parameters must be considered. First of all the heat exchanger needs to be efficient. Secondly it has to withstand forces and movements of the material. These are only a couple of many important parameters.

The Revent heat exchanger technology of today is a result of long experience in designing heat exchangers with high demands on energy efficiency.