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World Market

MAINCA is a company with considerable international projection in the meat machinery industry.
We have constant presence in over 80 countries with representatives and/or official distributors.
We continue our constant international expansion and now export around 70% of our production.
Buying MAINCA is the security of buying equipment that has been tried and tested throughout the world. Ongoing improvement is our motto.

We are a team


At MAINCA, we firmly believe that the main value of a company lies in the people that form it. The first step to achieving a successful project is to form a good team and choose people who love their work. Hence, we have a highly qualified and motivated team with extensive experience. More than half our employees have at least 20 years experience with MAINCA, and it shows!


Because we love our work and this can be seen in everything we do.
Work tools are of vital importance to professional users. The quality of their products depends a great deal on them. A fine sausage cannot be made without a good mincer, mixer and sausage filler.
At MAINCA we are fully aware of this, and therefore we design and develop our equipment with a single aim: the success of our customers.
Buying MAINCA is the security of buying equipment that has been tried and tested throughout the world.
There are 8 important aspects that we believe make MAINCA the right decision.


We aim for the optimum level of quality at the best price possible.

We always design our equipment with quality in mind.


We have a well balanced range of products that are in constant evolution and renovation to satisfy the most demanding users.


Throughout the world. With constant presence in over 80 countries.

We export around 70% of our production.


We provide service to any problem that may arise, offering an extensive range of spare parts, in some cases, for equipment over 25 years old.


Our most valuable asset.

We work at the service of customers to help them and advise them as far as possible.


We develop state-of-the-art innovative products. The HYBRID mixer-grinder and the twist linker are a good example of this.


44 years of experience manufacturing machinery for the meat industry.

(52 years in the case of our Chairman).


We design and assemble all our products at the Granollers (Barcelona) plant, controlling all manufacturing phases with thorough quality control.