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Background of IBEX

IBEX started out in 1983 by servicing the New Zealand meat industry with the importation and sale of capital equipment and consumable spares.  From 1985 to 1998 IBEX represented FIE in the trimmer market, and generated strong market share for the FIE trimmer range in New Zealand.

With this success IBEX entered the Australian market, as a joint venture with FIE, in 1997.  A year later FIE sold its intellectual property to a major competitor, leaving IBEX with the resolve to develop its own IBEX Trimming System by using years of knowledge and experience of the meat industry and trimmer product. During this time IBEX also continued to develop the Australian market with agency lines.

The New Zealand, Australia, and now Global, Story

IBEX in the Now

Still representing several quality agency lines IBEX continues to provide indispensable products and service, including the IBEX Trimmer, to New Zealand and Australia.

In addition the IBEX Trimmer is represented in Europe and North America through distributors. We also have direct supply relationships with companies in Asia.

We now offer three IBEX Trimmer options – DC Electric Trimmer, Pneumatic Trimmer and the recently launched AC Electric Trimmer – in response to the market’s changing needs.

New Zealand Made

IBEX epitomizes what it is like to be New Zealand (or “Kiwi”) – indomitable in the face of odds, adaptable to changing markets, and of course, a large dose of the “kiwi ingenuity” we are known for, refined with business savvy and proven processes.

Why choose IBEX?

IBEX has been in the meat industry for over 30 years, doing what we do best – providing exceptional service to our customers.  We succeed by being the right business partners to our customers, by becoming an integral part of their business.

Not only do we find solutions for current needs, we also anticipate future needs, and are the forerunner with future-proof solutions.

What we stand for

For over 30 years IBEX has defined itself with qualities such as resilience, adaptability, ingenuity, ever learning and daring to be different. In taking the Trimmer product to the world stage dominated by one major competitor with global presence IBEX has proven itself to be the “Great Small Company”, in the league of David versus Goliath.

It is with these qualities we continue to pave the way with continuous improvement on our manufactured product. Our agility as a company means we can more swiftly move with changes, find and implement solutions.

A constant question we ask ourselves is – “is there a better, simpler, more efficient way to do this”.

The Name IBEX

The name of the company, IBEX, is associated with the Alpine ibex, a species of wild goat found mainly in the mountainous regions of Europe, northern Africa and northern central Asia. The Alpine ibex’s most significant characteristics are its ability to climb on the steepest hills, and its amazing survival abilities in the harshest environments.

As a company we embrace the survival abilities of the Alpine ibex. Not only that it is our intention that amidst the challenges of a changing market and needs that we not only survive but also thrive and flourish.