Cuptoare pentru culinarii


Constant striving for improvement has led Tecnoeka to research more competitive solutions and obtain international certification for its quality, environmental and product systems, as well as a patent for its cast iron heat exchanger, which offers high performance with limited energy consumption.

Its ovens are high quality appliances that differ in their method of cooking.


For the catering, gastronomy, pastry and bakery sectors: electromechanical, electronic, digital and touch control.

Thanks to investment in research, know-how and design, the oven range extends, consolidating and expanding to the international market while meeting the demands of increasingly discerning chefs, pastry chefs and bakers.

Eka ovens enhance the kitchen environment with their hi-tech content and elegant appeal.


The technology developed by Tecnoeka, offering high performance and power and energy savings, is available for the new Touch Line:

Touch Control controls with an intuitive interface, LED lighting, a new automatic wash system and a hood with steam condenser, designed to make oven management easier, reduce environmental impact and energy consumption.

Tecnoeka: heavy-duty, concrete solutions and unmistakable style.


Tecnoeka essentially embraces a company philosophy of delivering quality in the broadest sense of the word: combining a product focus with prompt and thorough customer service, helping make the lives of the people we serve simpler and, in many ways, better.

Our strong bias towards innovation and Italian-made reliability has allowed us to take the quality of our products to the next level and cater to the requirements of an ever-evolving market, supporting our conviction that this is the right approach.

Tecnoeka products are manufactured to the leading and most widely recognized reference standards, complying with rules and regulations to ensure they increasingly raise the bar in terms of reliability, safety and efficiency. This has been our mission from the outset and our ovens and accessories come with warranties and certificates to give customers peace of mind, knowing that they are getting functional products of the highest quality.

All materials and electrical components used to make Eka brand products meet CE standards.