Cuptoare pentru culinarii


Our personality traits: What does excellence mean for us?

With this point we address our customers directly. We tell them the Convotherm brand is …


“Our combi steamers replace many other appliances in the kitchen. But our actual performance promise to you is: With a combi steamer from Convotherm, you can serve nearly any type of dish prepared in the quantity and style you wish in a quality that always remains consistent and reliable. And we also demonstrate this versatility and consistency as a company.”

High quality

“We share a passion for cooking. We have a superlative culinary expertise that goes well beyond our Culinary Center of Excellence, and we see ourselves more as expert problemsolvers than appliance suppliers. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Numerous patents (e.g. our unique disappearing door), accolades (e.g. IF Award, Good Design Award, Kitchen Innovation) and technical innovations (e.g. Advanced Closed System) are proof of our expertise and your success.”


“Since 1976, we have been working to make your daily kitchen routine easier. So, for as long as we can remember, our interdisciplinary teams of experts have been following a clear objective: To convert your needs into easy-to-use technology that is intuitive to operate. If you’re wondering whether they really are excellent products, why not ask our competitors. After all, they love to copy our designs!”


“100 % green: Convotherm is happy to accept responsibility for the next generation. We are one of the first companies in Germany to be certified to environmental standard ISO 14001. All our heating needs are met by the local cooperative biomass power plant. And since 2012, all Convotherm divisions have been using 100% hydroelectric eco-power. The total CO2 savings since the switch in 2010 amount to almost 1,000 tons per year – a figure that speaks for itself and for the future of us all.”