Ingrediente pentru prepararea înghețatei

Philosophy & factors of success

In almost 50 years in the gelato business, PreGel’s philosophy has remained unchanged: to supply artisan gelato and pastry products capable of combining the highest level of quality with constant innovation in the gelato, pastry and food service industry while continuing to sustain the development of the artisan gelato market throughout the world.
This strategic goal is nothing more than the result of a corporate philosophy that is based upon the importance of human relationships as the true key to success.
It is here that we find the origins of PreGel, a family-owned business.
The heart of PreGel is centered around teamwork and the role of all employees as necessary elements to develop ambitious projects and to achieve daring innovations.


PreGel does not accept compromises in Quality and always works with the objective to obtain only the best raw materials available on the market in order to be able to offer its clients an exclusive range of products containing the highest quality of ingredients.

Research & innovation

Research & innovation go hand in hand: the research and development department, among the most advanced in the world, is constantly engaged in innovation, dedicated to the needs of customers and attentive to the evolution of consumer tastes. Curiosity and passion for their work drive PreGel researchers toward winning results and stand as the best components to guarantee innovative successes, confirmed by the attainment of the most prestigious European certifications.

Customer care

Customer Care is the fourth fundamental pillar for the company. In order to best fulfill this responsibility, PreGel has set up an office of strategic consulting and marketing in order to follow, train and support every active customer in the different markets served by PreGel.