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Safe in every sourdough plant – with starter cultures by BÖCKER

Starter cultures are the most important element in the process of sourdough-fermentation. They determine whether the fermentation is successful or a failure. The basic prerequisite for an ideal development of the micro flora of the Reinzucht-Sauerteig is the adherence to appropriate fermentation-parameters.

Most important are the correct temperature, the amount of refreshment sour used and the observance of proofing times. The performance of Reinzucht-Sauerteig depends directly on these parameters. Rye- and wheat-sourdoughs – one-stage or three-stage processes – can be produced in every plant.

Sourdough – natural aroma on cereal Basis

BÖCKER: ferments, manufactures and ships worldwide

For the production of sourdoughs BÖCKER uses only cereals and pseudo
cereals. The results of specific use of microorganisms (fermentation) are
valuable sourdoughs which satisfy highest quality standards.
With the natural fermentation of different kinds of cereal, all types of
sourdough product can be manufactured:

Starter cultures for in-house fermentation
Dried sourdough concentrates
Liquid and ready-to-use sourdoughs for direct processing
Sourdough paste embedded with fresh sprouts or spices
Active sourdoughs
Gluten-free sourdoughs

Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co. KG has been producing and delivering
sourdough products worldwide since 1908.


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